Boudoir Session Guide

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Boudoir shoots are about capturing the human state in its most vulnerable form. We know these shoots take courage, and our top priority is helping you feel comfortable.


I’ve chosen to call my Boudoir style, “Body” to make the concept more inclusive and to create opportunities for body-focused imagery beyond the classic bedroom boudoir shoot. 

I aspire to convey the depth and beauty of every individual I photograph. Not everyone can see themselves in the way others do, and I believe photography can bring to light those wonderful parts that we tend to overlook or diminish.

My goal is to show you just how beautiful you are, both in your human shell and your essence.

I can’t wait to start capturing your story!

– Natasha


If you asked anyone who has ever met me, they would probably say that I eat, sleep and breathe photography. I wake up everyday with the intention of creating beautiful images and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Clear storytelling, dynamic lighting and vibrant color, for me a photograph is a sum of its parts. Getting it perfect in each step is crucial in making a memorable photo, all this and capturing my subject as organically as possible are what I strive for in every photo session.

I love boudoir photography, I believe its a natural extension of being who I am and doing what I love. Capturing human beings as they are, for who they are. 

I think it takes a lot of courage to do a boudoir session, but I strongly believe every person out there should try it at least once! 

Boudoir For Every-Body

Everyone deserves to have empowering photos of themselves to look back on or share with a partner.

We want you to enjoy the process, and unravel your inner beauty along the way.

Our goal is to create artistic and tasteful photographs that represent who you are and the divine energy you exude.

We pride ourselves in making sure you are prepared before the session so you feel your best and know exactly what to expect. We’d love to document what makes you uniquely beautiful.


Our Style

Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

Our work has been described as organic, natural, and sentimental with a fine art quality. Our photographic style is always evolving but is often inspired by our backgrounds in editorial and fashion work.

We are minimalists when it comes to photography, and prefer to keep our sets simple and intimate


Hey Stunner,

No matter where you book, we want you to have an incredible experience before, during and after your boudoir shoot. We pride ourselves on making sure you are fully prepared for your session so that we can focus on making you look and feel your best!

Body By Natasha
Boudoir Session Pricing

Whether you are looking to add a little more spice into your life, empower yourself with a shift in perspective, or enhance your badass self-image; our intention with every boudoir session is to have fun, and create lasting artwork with YOU as the focus.


Pre-session consult

One Photographer

45 Minute Session

Online Client Portal

Online Proofing Gallery

3 Hi-Res Digital Files

$300 + GST


Pre-session consult

Two Photographers

2 Hour Shoot Time

Online Client Portal

10 Hi-Res Digital Files

Photo Viewer & Reel Set

$575 + GST


Pre-session consult

One Photographer

90 Minute Session

Online Client Portal

Online Proofing Gallery

5 Hi-Res Digital Files

$425 + GST


Frequently Asked Questions

No matter where you book, we want you to have an incredible experience before, during and after your boudoir shoot. We pride ourselves on making sure you are fully prepared for your session so that we can focus on making you look and feel your best!

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Where Will My Session Take Place?

We are natural light, on location studio photographers. Together we choose the perfect location for your session! We work within multiple studio locations in the Edmonton area and can make suggestions for a location that suits you!

Will I Get My Digital Photos After The Shoot?

We know the importance of archiving and saving digital images. We offer one simple, all-inclusive collection where you receive all the high resolution digital files delivered via direct download and a print release.


How Far Out Do You Book Your Shoots?

We suggest booking 1-2 months in advance if you are looking for a weekend session, however 1-2 weeks is usually enough notice for most weekday bookings..


How Do You Choose Which Images I Receive?

We carefully review each and every image we capture at your session and hand select the best images. We are looking for images that represent us as boudoir artists and you as a human being, as each is radically unique. We guarantee a minimum of 50- 75 images to choose from, but there are usually many more included in each proofing gallery!

Do You Offer Couples Boudoir Sessions?

The short answer is yes, however we do not offer couples sessions unless we have photographed at least one of you before!

This is so you can see firsthand what the experience of being in front of our camera’s is like before exploring bringing your significant other to a session! This makes the session go a little smoother as we’ve already had the opportunity to meet you before your session


Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We offer a few different options. There is a $100 retainer fee that is due at the time of booking to secure your date and time. We also offer payment plans for any products that you would like to purchase. We can discuss this in more detail at your consult if needed! 

Do You Share My Images?

We will only share images with your permission! If you don’t want your images on our website or social media that is totally ok! Some of our clients like to share their images to inspire and empower others to do a boudoir session as well, others save the images for themselves and their partner, whatever you decide, we will honor your decision!

Do You Photoshop The Images

We do some light skin retouching in addition to our regular editing & color grading. We like our boudoir clients to look like more polished versions of themselves however, we do not do any heavy manipulations or body warping.

We are all about body positivity and encourage our clients to love themselves the way they are, however if you have anything you don’t wish for us to highlight, let us know!


What Is The Average Age Of Your Clients?

The only age requirement for our boudoir sessions we have is that you must be 18+. We welcome humans of all ages, its all about confidence and celebrating who you are!