Into The Deep – Edmonton Underwater Session

Here it is!

I’m so excited to present my very first blog post! I want to preface this by saying that I’m super excited for the New Year!

I have been wanting to create content that showcases some of the behind-the scenes work that goes into my photography, as well as provide a little glimpse into my life!

This whole shoot was done in my last year in the NAIT  Photographic Technology program and.. my first time photographing underwater.

Thankfully, our program head, Reg, was on hand to help with setting up the underwater housing that protects the camera. This is a very tedious process that requires the cleaning and lubrication of each individual piece of the housing, before placing the camera inside. As the pool contains chlorine, extra care has to be used to ensure the housing is clean, as the chlorine can break down the whole system.

Our original model cancelled last minute, and my best friend/fellow photographer, Natasha graciously stepped in to model!

Check out her work at

Check out the behind the scenes video, to see the underwater shooting process!

A Couple Points:

  • This pool was frigid, like super cold. Now I realize that I’m a very tiny person, but it’s almost unbearably cold!
  • Kudos to Natasha, the amount of energy it takes to model, let alone underwater, is overwhelming! She did a phenomenal job!
  • This shoot would not be possible without Reg and Ann! Thank you so much!
  • My whole purpose behind these photos, was to create a feeling of isolation. I really wanted to play up the dark tones and shadows.
  • This creates a fine art feeling that I have always wanted my work to showcase.


Thank you so much for reading! Have a look at the other images from this set below!