Alex Drost

Lead Videographer – Vancouver & Vancouver Island

Guten Tag! I’m Alex.

In 2008, I moved from Germany to Canada and brought my love for movies and passion for filmmaking. I’ve always wanted to live close to where many films are being made, so Vancouver has been an excellent fit for me! 

Why do I love filmmaking? I’m still trying to find a good answer to that, but for now, I can say I enjoy filming weddings the most! Every wedding is a love story, the same type that brings droves of people to the movies or streaming services! 

As a Vancouver wedding videographer, what draws me to wedding videography is not only to witness the wonder of the event itself and be the one privileged to film it!

Get To Know Me:

  • I prefer imported beer from Europe. (Nothing against local beer, but I’m German…)
  • I studied English Literature at university because I wanted to write screenplays when I graduated. (I still do when inspiration strikes.)
  • I love Shakespeare’s work. I did a year and a half in Shakespeare studies when I was at university.
  • I wrote my wedding vows only a few hours before my wedding ceremony.
  • My biggest inspiration comes from movies or photos, staged or live that were masterfully captured and edited into incredible visual stories.


“Set forth no limits, keep in mind that your potential is boundless.”
― Sal Martinez

“If at first an idea does not sound absurd, then there is no hope for it.

– Albert Einstein


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