Boudoir Session Guide

Oh Hey There – I’m Brendan


My mission as a boudoir photographer is to help my clients see themselves in a new light.

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Boudoir For Every-Body


No matter where you book, let’s make it an incredible experience! Here’s some frequently asked questions I’ve experienced.

Where Will My Session Take Place?

If booking your session in Edmonton most sessions take place in studio – otherwise I  work with you to pick the perfect location! 

Will I Get My Digital Photos After The Shoot?

We know the importance of archiving and saving digital images. We offer digital files and print options available to choose from after your session.


How Far Out Do You Book Your Shoots?

We suggest booking 1-2 months in advance if you are looking for a weekend session, however 1-2 weeks is usually enough notice for most weekday bookings..




How Do You Choose Which Images I Receive?

We carefully review each and every image we capture at your session and hand select the best images. We are looking for images that represent us as boudoir artists and you as a human being, as each is radically unique. We guarantee a minimum of 50- 75 images to choose from, but there are usually many more included in each proofing gallery!

Do You Offer Couples Boudoir Sessions?

The short answer is yes, however we do not offer couples sessions unless we have photographed at least one of you before!

This is so you can see firsthand what the experience of being in front of our camera’s is like before exploring bringing your significant other to a session! This makes the session go a little smoother as we’ve already had the opportunity to meet you before your session


Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We offer a few different options. There is a $78.75 retainer fee that is due at the time of booking to secure your date and time. We also offer payment plans for any products that you would like to purchase. We can discuss this in more detail at your consult if needed! 

Do You Share My Images?

I only share images with your permission! If you don’t want your images on our website or social media that is totally ok! Some of our clients like to share their images to inspire and empower others to do a boudoir session as well, others save the images for themselves and their partner, whatever you decide, we will honor your decision!

Do You Photoshop The Images

We do some light skin retouching in addition to our regular editing & color grading. We like our boudoir clients to look like more polished versions of themselves however, we do not do any heavy manipulations or body warping.

We are all about body positivity and encourage our clients to love themselves the way they are, however if you have anything you don’t wish for us to highlight, let us know!


What Is The Average Age Of Your Clients?

The only age requirement for our boudoir sessions we have is that you must be 18+. We welcome humans of all ages, its all about confidence and celebrating who you are!