Dil and Jyoti – Calgary Wedding
I think visual artists really struggle with putting words behind their art. I love creating, but once it comes to attaching words to my photos I always get anxious and worry about how I tell the story.
Wedding days move so fast and with average wedding coverage being somewhere between 8-10 hours,  I was ecstatic when Dil and Jyoti booked me for their wedding! When all was said and done the actual photography time was approximately 46 Hours over the course of 5 days.
As much as I love the Edmonton landscape, nothing beats the backdrop of downtown Calgary. Alberta weather is historically… unpredictable and it ended up raining almost every single day of their wedding. We had to get creative and shoot primarily indoors. Working with Danny at DCO Films is always a treat, and we had some serious fun working with these two. Check out the video he cut together here: 



Jyoti planned out every detail and color coordinated absolutely everything right down to color coordinating her family.  My favorite evening I photographed was Jaago night, historically wedding invites wouldn’t be mailed out, instead relatives would light candles and dance and sing through the village as an open invitation to join the festivities. Nowadays it’s an excuse to make as much noise as possible and party! With professional drummers, and everyone singing from house to house there was so much emotion to photograph.

I am so excited to share these photos with you! 


Jyoti’s Mehndi: https://www.skmhenna.com/

Hair for Mehndi, Jago, Maiyan and wedding: Jamie (@jamie_yyc)

Makeup for Mehndi, Jago, Maiyan and wedding: https://www.bookglowbeauty.com/

Hair and makeup for Reception:  https://www.thestudiojb.com/

Jyoti’s outfit for mehndi: Kala Shree

Jyoti Jago/Sangeet outfit: Frontier Raas (@frontierraas)

Maiyan Outfit (Custom made by Jyoti!): (@insygniabyjyoti)

Jyoti’s outfit for wedding/Anand Karaj: Frontier Raas (@frontierraas)

Dil’s outfit for wedding/Anand Karaj: (@insygniabyjyoti)

Jyoti’s outfit for the reception: Rimple and Harpreet Narula (@rimpleandharpreet)

Decor: http://kismetbysc.com/

Catering: https://www.lovelysweets.ca/

Tent and rentals: Party Tent Rentals

Second Shooters: Steph Donaher Photography/Alexandra Kurta Photography