meet the b.a.n.d

Brendan, Alex, Natasha, Dhiren.

Our Photo and Video Team at Boundless Studios are skilled in our craft and dedicated to our art!

When it comes to capturing a moment, we believe it’s a full-on tackle and embrace of the human experience and the present moment. It’s ever-changing and ever-evolving. As visual artists, we seek to capture just a glimpse of some of the majesty that is your story.

We welcome the opportunity to share our skills with you and take on any project you have! 

Creativity is just connecting things – Steve Jobs

Meet The Band

Boundless Photo and Film Studios


Purpose Fuels Passion

As professional Edmonton photographers, we know precisely when to take charge and make sure our clients are comfortable in front of the camera – with direction if needed. Our job is not about making your moments easy for us; it’s about creating stunning heirloom artwork that will live in your heart forever.

In turn, ensuring that you never tire of reliving your memories. That’s what we believe Boundless is. It’s an attempt to encapsulate some of the boundless and ever-growing, and ever evolving energy of the human spirit.


Emma Grant

Production Assistant & Valuable  B.A.N.D Member – Edmonton

Mackenzie Stratton

Production Assistant & Valuable B.A.N.D Member – Edmonton

Kyle Eaton

Associate Photographer & Valuable B.A.N.D Member – Edmonton

Ashlee Blush

Associate Photographer & Valuable B.A.N.D Member – Edmonton