Breanna and Danny – Edmonton Country Lodge Wedding

Breanna and Danny met two months before their wedding in a Sherwood Park Starbucks where we discussed their wedding day in depth. These two are both beautiful souls, and I’m SO incredibly grateful they chose me to photograph their wedding day.

Leading up to their wedding day, Breanna and I frequently swapped memes and gifs as the wedding started to take shape. Their engagement session was nothing short of a barrel of laughs. I knew their wedding was going to be one for the books.

In planning; I was told it would be a “No Kids Allowed, romantic getaway”. With good ole comfort food, wine, and a stunning ceremony, this was so incredibly true.

The reception music was all chosen by Breanna and Danny, as “old-timey” love music, and Breanna’s father serenaded them during his speech. Waterworks ensued…

As well as something new, our in-house videographer Alexander Drost did a beautiful highlight reel of the day! Check out some of my favorite moments below!






Hair and Makeup: