5 Ways to Prepare for your Perfect Fall Family Photos

Fall is one of my favorite times of year as an Edmonton photographer. With the changing season comes so many great things—cozy sweaters, beautiful foliage, and pumpkin spice everything! And then as soon as we know it, the holidays kick into full gear. Naturally, I love this time of year personally, but it is also the best time of year for an Edmonton family photographer. This is because family photo season is in full swing!

Today I am sharing with you my top five ways to prepare for your fall family photo session so that you can make the most of your time and have your precious memories captured beautifully.

1. Be flexible in your vision
As you’ve made your search for an Edmonton photographer, I’m sure you’ve thought a bit about what you would like your fall family photos to look like. And that is wonderful! However, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be here this time of year, so it is wise to be a bit flexible in your vision. One day, it will be sunny and warm, and the next minute, there’s an inch of snow on the ground with freezing wind! Opening your mind to a variety of scenarios will help you be more satisfied with the end result.

2. Have a backup plan
In case of inclement weather, it’s always best to come up with some ideas for a backup location with your Edmonton family photographer. I have several great options up my sleeve at all times! But I also recommend preparing for all types of weather with clothing options, so that you always have the choice of an outdoor portrait session. This might mean choosing outfits that you can easily add to or take away layers from, or planning options with cozy and cute warm-weather accessories for your little ones.

3. Book early
Those outside of the industry might not understand what “busy season” means for a photographer in Edmonton, but fall is always the craziest time of year! Many families want family photos for holiday cards, and some just want to sneak in a family portrait session before year’s end to commemorate that particular season of life! Most family photographers book up weeks to months in advance, so don’t wait to find your perfect photographer and plan your session!

4. Make sure your family is well-rested
Family photos are often very stressful, but they do not have to be! Use your photographer as a resource regarding the best time for lighting, but also take into consideration your little ones’ nap schedules. If you pay attention to when your kids are most tired during the days and try to avoid scheduling your session at that time, your kiddos (and photographs!) will thank you.

5. Bribery is never discouraged
When it comes to a one-time event like family photos, I never discourage a little bit of bribery for children (and spouses!). For the little ones, snacks and toys can be useful to elicit smiles and good behavior throughout a family photo session, and older kids often respond to promises of a favorite restaurant or activity afterwards. I promise; it’ll be worth it!

I am looking forward to sharing a lot of amazing Edmonton family photography sessions in the coming weeks and cannot wait to work with some of you! Feel free to reach out today if you are still working on #3 on the list and need to schedule a session! Happy fall and happy photographing!