10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Local Wedding Videographer

A local wedding videographer can help capture memories that allow you to revisit your love story for years to come. If you have a wedding coming up, you’re probably balancing a lot. Between planning, reserving a venue, and onboarding a professional team, it can feel hard to pinpoint your non-negotiables. While there are plenty of opportunities to splurge, a wedding video is a gift that last’s a lifetime. When all the decor, outfits, and anticipation wear off, your finished wedding video will be delivered to you like a post-wedding pick-me-up! If you’re considering hiring a local wedding videographer, we’re going to outline ten main reasons a videographer might be a wonderful addition to your special day.

Rewatch Vows and Speeches

       As much as you tell yourself that you’ll remember all the sweet words from your wedding, the truth is after a few years, those memories start to fade. Personal vows, especially if you read or write them yourself, are some of the most emotive moments between a bride and groom. During the ceremony, you probably won’t pick up on everyone’s facial expressions, since you’ll be so immersed in the present! A wedding videographer can capture vows and speeches so you can live in the moment, knowing you can watch everything back for years to come. You might even discover a new perspective you wouldn’t have otherwise.

All The Most Precious Moments Will Be Captured

         A wedding video will capture all the small details that might not come through in your photos. In addition, your wedding videographer will preserve all the in-between moments during the ceremony and reception. When you spend months of your life planning for such an important day, you want to have as much documentation as possible. The services of a  wedding videographer can help you capture those extra memories so you don’t miss out on anything.

You Get To Feel The Emotions, Not Just See Them

         Wedding photography allows you to share, display and look back on snapshot moments. However, a wedding video captures every emotion, intimate moment, and raw vulnerability from the wedding. When you rewatch it, you can relive the same feelings you had on that day and the special interactions between loved ones. Whether it’s happy tears or silly moments on the dance floor, video is the only medium that’s able to capture those emotions forever.

Capture Toasts That May Be Forgotten

         Like vows and speeches, wedding toasts are incredible because you get to hear kind words from loved ones that are often unexpected. Your wedding video will document the toasts, facial expressions, and small moments from the big day. Weddings are fun, but they can also feel like a whirlwind, especially for the bride and groom. After it ends, it can be hard to remember everything or feel like you had time to cherish every second. However, most people say the wedding video is what they look forward to most because you can sit down, relax and take it all in for a second time.

Videography Leaves Extra Room For Creativity

         Many wedding videographers are well-versed in the art of creative storytelling when it comes to love stories. Everyone has a different style and feeling they can help evoke in your wedding video. Whether you want it to feel like a scene out of a romantic movie or one big party, there’s definitely a lot of variety when it comes to video production. Similar to photography, videography is unique to everyone, and there’s so much room for creativity. Everything from filming, editing, audio, and music can help elevate your wedding video to make it even more special. Be open with your videographer about your vision, and find a professional you admire. You should be able to hand over the reins and trust that you’ll love the finished product.

Through All The Best Moments, You Won’t Even Notice Your On Camera.

         Some people have a misconception that a wedding videographer will be a stressful addition on their wedding day. However, usually, you’ll never even realize they are there! Wedding videographers are trained to document moments without getting all up in your space. They understand how to maneuver and pose shots while maintaining the video’s authenticity. All you have to worry about is living in the moment, getting married, and enjoying the party. Your videographer should keep their presence casual without compromising quality content.

Videographers create high-end films that are lifelong keepsakes

         It’s no question that weddings are expensive. You invest in vendors, florals, flowers, and professionals to help you document everything. They are one of the only investments, alongside photography, that can serve as a lifelong keepsake. When all the decorations come down and the dress gets put away, you still have your video to watch whenever you want to relive some loving memories. A wedding video is also a great way to commemorate all the hard work you put into planning such a beautiful event! Wedding videographers are good at balancing important moments and the small details, so you have a piece of it all.

You Can Share Your Special Moments With Others

         A Vancouver wedding videographer can create a masterful balance of scenery, intimate moments, and tiny details. If you have a limited guest list, or some of your family cannot make it, a wedding video is the only way to share that full experience with them. Once you receive your video, you’re free to share it with anyone and everyone. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  Wedding Video And Photo Work Together

         It’s important to note that wedding photos and videos work as a team, and don’t necessarily replace each other. They are two different mediums that offer different experiences. When you have an additional videographer, they can capture the details that don’t come through in the photos. Wedding videos catch a lot of candid moments that wouldn’t be possible in your photographs alone.

Audio is Powerful for telling your love story

         The video medium’s greatest power is the addition of audio. You can hear your loved one’s voices, conversations, music, and laughs. Creative videographers can create wedding videos that tell an entire story with complimentary music during montages. They can also capture your wedding songs and other auditory details that only video can accomplish.


A wedding videographer can help you relive your memory for years to come and share the experience with others. Past couples say they end up watching it more than they expected, or it becomes a wedding anniversary tradition. Your wedding is an amazing – once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should set yourself up for success with all the documentation you need. Contact us here at Boundless Photo and Film Studios if you are looking for a professional Vancouver wedding videographer or photographer. Local and destination weddings – our specialty is capturing your unique stories. Based in Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, BC, Canada – Check out our portfolio for more information!