Why Professional Wedding Photography Matters

An Edmonton Wedding photographer’s guide to Capturing Moments Big and Small

Why Professional Wedding Photography Matters

Photography is one of the most potent unspoken languages in the world. So many people in the modern age have grown accustomed to having photographic memories of everything. There is something so sacred about immortalizing your memorable occasions and having the freedom to revisit them. Whether it was a special day in your life, an important chapter, or a snapshot of a loved one that’s since gone away – professional portrait photography invites a new perceptive eye into an intimate moment brought to life.

Suppose you work with a wedding photographer that you trust. In that case, they’re able to capture intimate moments between loved ones, delicate details, and everything in between that may have otherwise been forgotten. When a photographer takes your photos, even the most camera-shy would be surprised how emotive the final product can be—mainly due to the fact you’re so engulfed in the present moment. Photography holds relevance for a variety of reasons. It can be a personal keepsake just for you or a lasting time capsule of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Let’s discuss why photography matters and how it might impact your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for an Edmonton wedding photographer, portrait, or family-style photography—there’s something in here for everyone!


Daneka and Tyler – Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


The Art of Visual Storytelling |

Why Professional Wedding Photography Matters

Photography is a facet of visual storytelling that conveys a feeling and internal narrative in every photo. In the case of wedding photography, the photographer is telling the intimate story of a day shared between loved ones. The candid moments, brief facial expressions, and genuine emotion are interwoven into the photographs seamlessly. For most couples looking at their wedding photos is like unwrapping the first gift of Christmas.

Photographers are skilled at telling the story of a wedding from beginning to end. Most of the time, you either feel like you’re hanging out with a friend, or you forget they’re even on-site working their magic.   While most people view photography as essential for significant events, it can be exceptional for family portraits. Your family photographer will be able to capture your loved ones in all their authenticity. These photos serve as your legacy and can be passed on for generations to come. It’s an opportunity to document growth, go back in time, and reminisce. Photos are a part of life many of us overlook, but everyone knows the dreaded feeling when you wish you had a photo portal to the past.


Jenna and James – Edmonton Wedding

Relive Memories You Might Have Missed 

When you have the whole family together, there’s usually a lot going on. Most likely, you can’t be in all places at once, soaking up the conversations, smiles, and interactions between distant relatives. This is especially true at weddings when you’re booked, busy, and juggling an extensive guest list. So your wedding photographer is there to help capture the most important moments you didn’t have a chance to witness on the big day. The combination of candids and artful portrait photography makes for a great bundle of memories you can hold close to your heart forever. This is one of the most valuable aspects of photography, especially if it’s a rarity to get the entire family together.

Kaitlyn and Ben – Leduce Stone Barn Garden Society

Irreplaceable Moments With Loved Ones 

            Photography is like giving your future self a gift, and sometimes we don’t even realize how special it will feel years down the line. We’ve grown accustomed to having digital photography constantly at our fingertips, so when life gets busy, it’s comforting to have a photo album to flip through where you can see all of your favourite faces. The power of candid photos is perfect for times like this, where you can see raw emotions and pure vulnerability in every shot. Things can change in the blink of an eye, and having those irreplaceable moments documented will feel like a treasure.

You Get To Experience Nostalgia Overload 

Sometimes the best moments in life are when you pull out the old photos and take a trip down memory lane. Wedding Photography doesn’t always have to tug at your heartstrings, but it can give you a fun dose of nostalgia. Whether it’s looking back on champagne dance moves at your wedding or family photos when the kids were younger, these are some of the best pictures to reflect on. When ten years go by, it’ll be so special to look back on the small details of your family photoshoot or wedding adventures.

Wedding Photography Is A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime 

            There’s a reason why so many people love receiving photographs, and that’s because they usually mean more than material presents. When you get professional photos were taken, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a few albums to give to parents, grandparents, and distant loved ones. It’s an investment that keeps on giving, and you can share it with people forever. This is especially important on your wedding day.

After months of planning, decorating, and cherishing every moment. Eventually, it all gets packed away. Wedding Photography can immortalize every tiny detail of your wedding, from the cake to the decorations. A beautiful wedding album is something you’ll look back on through generations as you reminisce on your dreamy romantic memories.

It Can Be Self-Empowering (Even if You Dont Love The Camera) 

Photography can be an intimidating experience for any event, but once you get warmed up, everything starts to flow naturally. A professional photographer will be able to capture your human spirit perfectly while making you feel comfortable throughout your entire session. A professional photographer will guide, direct, and coach you through the portrait photography process. If you’re camera-shy, it’s still so empowering to look back on photos of yourself you would never have had otherwise. The details, accessories, and style you embody right now will most likely change in the future. Sometimes working with a professional photographer on those one-of-a-kind portrait photos can be the best confidence booster. It’s also nice to have a reliable photograph of yourself that expresses more professionalism and artistry than your standard selfie.


Marissa and Kyle Wedding – Jasper Airstrip

Why choose Boundless Photo and Film Studios over other Edmonton Wedding Photographers?

Our Goal as Wedding Photographers

Our style is defined by its cinematic look, warm vibrant colours and the organic expressions we bring out of our clients! Everyone on our team brings years of experience and formal training to create truly one-of-a-kind artwork.

As Edmonton wedding photographers, we don’t see your wedding as an end-to-end relationship; we love to be a part of your planning process and form a deep connection with you even after your wedding is all said and done!

We are always on the lookout for those fleeting, magical moments and genuine emotions that will make your wedding photos truly stand out. Lighting, colour and emotion all play a part in telling the story behind a wedding. Our job as Edmonton wedding photographers is to make you feel comfortable and photograph your special day so you can remember it for years to come.

We aim to tell the story of each wedding authentically. Capturing a wedding day is all about being in the right place at the right time and knowing what to look for.

We truly believe every wedding is full of boundless opportunities.

Dil and Jyoti – Calgary Sikh Wedding

How We Work – Our Process

Step One – The consult

We start with booking you in for a video or in-person consult. These are typically 15-20 minutes long and our chance to go over how we work and a rough day timeline. From here, we can also help you pick a wedding collection that suits your vision or do up a custom quote! After your consultation, we will send you a booking link with your final quote and a contract to sign.


Step Two – Reserve Your Date

We take a 35% retainer to hold your wedding date, with the remainder being due the day after your wedding. After we’ve reserved your day in our calendar, you get emailed a link to your client portal.

Xin and Mengqi – Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Step 3 – Wedding Hub

We like to keep everything organized and in one place for your wedding day, so we have a client portal where you can make payments, view and answer questionnaires, and update your contact information. This is also where your coverage timeline will go, and you can view any galleries with us!


Step 4 – Book Your Engagement Session

Once you are ready to book your engagement photos, let us know! We typically book 6-8 weeks out for our sessions but remain as flexible as possible! We like to book these as close to sunrise or sunset as possible for optimal light! This can also be a great chance to trial your hair and makeup artists before your wedding day.

Haley and Kristopher Edmonton Engagement Shoot – MacTaggart Sanctuary, Edmonton AB


Step 5 – Timeline and Final Consult

Usually, around the two-week – 1-month mark, we set up a time to go over your timeline and all the final details for your wedding. This is also our opportunity to scout out our locations for your bridal party photos.


Step 6 – Your Wedding Day

It’s time to tie the knot! We are all set and will be right there with you, capturing your most precious moments on one of the best days of your life! When the day is over, we backup everything three times just in case!

Josh and Greg – Elk Island National Park, Alberta

Step 7 – Receive your Preview

The party is over, and now what?

Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a full-day preview gallery of your wedding day to share with family and friends! For wedding videos, you can expect the first cut of your ceremony video within two weeks.



Step 8 – Final Delivery

We are perfectionists at heart, and due to the busy wedding season, we generally quote between 8-12 weeks for final turnaround time. You will receive an email from us with your gallery when it’s finished! From here, you can select the 50 – 4×6 photos for your engraved USB box! For video, we will do the final round of revisions before finishing off the tape!

Marissa and Matteo – Drumheller Horseshoe Canyon


A Wedding Timeline


Wedding Getting Ready Photos


We believe in keeping your day as authentic to you as possible, which is why we love the getting-ready process. This can mean anything from putting on makeup to straightening your hair or writing a letter to your significant other before the first look. We want couples to feel at ease when they’re around us, as we capture all those fleeting moments!

This stage of a wedding day allows us to photograph candid shots that will tell a story later down the road – During this time, we also love photographing the wedding details. From wedding rings to flowers, we take our time to document everything so you can relive it all over again. We love capturing the details and intimate moments that happen behind the scenes on a wedding day. It’s times like these that often mean the most to couples and their families.

Some brides and grooms even use this time as an opportunity to try out boudoir photography prior to getting ready. A beautiful styled bridal boudoir session can be the perfect gift for your significant other after your wedding day! Boudoir photography is about creating a safe space to embrace all of the unique and unparalleled energy that you bring into this world!


Aaron and Jessie – St. Albert Botanical Park, St. Alberta, AB, Canada

First Look


One of our favourite moments is the first look. This is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their special day. These special moments captured before seeing each other are among our favourites!

The anticipation leading up to the first look is always palpable, and you can feel the excitement in the air. The bride and groom usually have a few minutes alone together before everyone else arrives, and this is where all the magic happens. They share a hug, or maybe they whisper secrets into each other’s ears – it’s something that we’ll never know, but it’s always beautiful to witness.

Professional photographers love photographing the first look because it’s a moment that’s all about the couple. They’re surrounded by the people they love most in the world, and they’re taking a moment to themselves before the craziness of the wedding day ensues.

Some couples opt to see each other for the first time prior to their ceremony; this creates a more intimate setting for your wedding day. This can also be a great opportunity to share your private vows with each other prior to the ceremony, create some extra space in your timeline for bridal party photos or capture family photos!

Regardless of what you choose to do. we are always happy to share our planning advice. We want you to have the wedding day the two of you have dreamed of, so we like to work with our couples to create a timeline that makes you feel prepared and excited for your special day!


The First Touch Jodhi and Geoff – Cancun Wedding – Excellence Riviera 

The  Wedding Ceremony

Once the ceremony begins, it’s all about capturing those beautiful moments as they happen organically. We never want to be in the way or interrupt the proceedings in any way, but we always make sure to get plenty of photos of everyone who is there. This includes close-ups of the bride and groom and pictures of guests’ reactions and emotions.

As wedding photographers in Edmonton, we understand that each wedding is unique. No two ceremonies are ever exactly alike, which means we have to be prepared for anything and everything. We like to focus on the finer details during each wedding ceremony, such as the look on a parent’s face or how happy everyone is when they see each other.

Marcdaline and Jasen, Fairmont Banff Wedding


Family Photos with the Bride and Groom


Usually following the wedding ceremony is when we do family photos! This can be a bit hectic, but it’s always so fun. Since, for many people, family gatherings can be few and far between, we aim to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get a good photo with the bride and groom!

We must take into account each family’s unique dynamics as some families are more outgoing and love getting photos taken, while others might be a little more reserved. We always try to work with each family to get the best digital images possible.

Nancy and Brandon – Little Brick Cafe, Edmonton AB


Wedding Party Photos


Bridal party formals with your friends and family are always a fun time. This is when we get to see the bride and groom in their element. The best wedding photos often come from these candid moments where you can interact naturally without as much pressure. It’s also where we get to see what kind of personalities everyone has.

We love taking our time with every bridal party, so we can capture photos that will truly reflect their personalities. This is also an excellent opportunity to get to know everyone better!


Cortney and Logan, Gap Lake, AB

Cortney and Logan, Gap Lake, AB Wedding

Wedding Reception Photos


After the ceremony and all of the formal photos, it’s time to party! The wedding reception is always fun of any elopement or wedding day. It’s a chance to let loose and relax after all the stress of planning for months, if not years! We love capturing all the fun and excitement of the reception – from the first dance to the cutting of the cake to all those crazy dance moves you bust out for memorable occasions!

Michelle and Austin, Carstairs, AB Wedding

Steal Away For Some Sunset Portraits

Arguably the best part of the wedding photo experience is getting the sunset wedding photos. Something about the warm and golden light gets us every time! When it comes to portrait photography we believe sunset makes the photos look so soft and romantic. It’s the perfect excuse to steal away from the reception for a quick breather too!


Brad and Bella – Edmonton Wedding Photoshoot



The Wedding Exit


The exit is always a bittersweet moment. It’s the end of a fantastic day, but it also signifies the beginning of a new chapter in the bride and groom’s lives together. Sparkler exits are the last time to get photos of the couple with their bridal party and family. It’s a  final chance to capture all the love and happiness present on you wedding!

Brad and Bella – Styled Wedding Shoot – Salisbury Greenhouse, Sherwood Park Alberta

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sarah and Kyle Engagement Session- Old Fort Point, Jasper, Alberta


What is an Engagement Session?

Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to celebrate what makes you unique as a couple. These fun lifestyle portrait sessions are included in each of our wedding photography packages! Whether you want to escape to one of Canada’s beautiful national parks, have photos with your pets at home, or the local arcade to celebrate your mutual love of video games; these photos will serve as a beautiful reminder of the time leading up to your wedding and create a chance for us to get to know you a little better.

Mathieu and Lea – Quartier Petit Champlain, Quebec City, Quebec

What is the average deposit for wedding photography Edmonton?

Planning a wedding is a significant financial investment, we try to remain as flexible as possible! Other wedding photographers may require 50 percent of the total cost of the contract signed and the last payment must arrive 15 days before the wedding. For us, we take a 35% deposit to hold your date, with the remaining being due the day after capturing your wedding!

Sam and Jakie – Edmonton Oliver Exchange Building

Can I Make Payments Towards My Wedding Package?

Of course! 35% of your package is paid as a non-refundable retainer, with the remainder being due the day after your wedding. You can track and make payments through the client portal link we send when you book!

Ivy and John – Spring Bridal Shoot – The Cornerstone, Edmonton, AB

How are you handling business given the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a doorway and reimagined the way couples look at their wedding days! If your wedding is impacted by a lockdown, we will happily transfer your retainer to a new date(pending availability). In the event we are no longer available for your new date, we will find a suitable replacement or issue a transferrable credit for any of our other services.


Nick and Hyejin – Lakeview Events, Alberta

Are The Packages Customizable?

We offer completely customized wedding packages that are tailored specifically for your wedding needs and wishes. You will be able to pick and choose what is included in each wedding package, as well as how many hours of coverage you need (minimum 3 hours). Have a look at our wedding packages and set up a consultation with us here. We’ll sit down with you once we receive your form to go over all of the details!


Ester and Kolton – Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton, AB

How Far In Advance Should We Book?

We ask you to book us 8-12 months in advance due to the wedding season being so popular and dates limited. The earlier you contact us the better in order to guarantee the best pricing and availability.

Maryke and Dan – Canmore Wedding – Steph Donaher Photography

Do You Travel?

Yes! We provide wedding photography and wedding videography services worldwide! (Although our main focus is in Alberta/British Columbia currently) If you live within a 100km radius of Edmonton or Vancouver, there will be no additional fee for travel. Travel outside of that radius .40/km. If your wedding is outside over a 3-4 hour long trip, please contact us for a quote!


Ania & Tristan – Kelowna Wedding – Summerhill Pyramid Winery

A professional wedding photographer can help you relive your memory for years to come and share the experience with others. Your wedding is an amazing – once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should set yourself up for success with all the documentation you need. Contact us here at Boundless Photo and Film Studios if you are looking for a professional Vancouver wedding videographer or photographer.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Local and destination weddings – our specialty is capturing your unique stories. – Check out our portfolio for more information!